Hi, all! My name is Anna.  I’ve been an elementary and middle school teacher for the past decade. I’ve taught both in the U.S. and the Kingdom of Tonga. My favorite teaching moment was when I asked one of my Kindergarten students what she wanted to be when she grew up – she said she wanted to be a strawberry! However, I realized over Christmas break how much my first passion is food – cooking, baking, candy-making, browsing food blogs, collecting cookbooks, and inventing recipes. When I’m stressed or can’t sleep, I close my eyes and choose a flavor, like rosemary, and try to come up with as many workable combinations and dishes as I can. (Rosemary Peach Tea Bread was created in this way…) I love making everything from scratch – pasta dough, mayonnaise, bread, preserves… partially because I grew up with my mom and grandma making everything from scratch, and partially because the self-sufficiency appeals to me.  I spent three years in Africa, where we had to make everything from scratch, or do without.

I’ve decided to return to the dream of my childhood and go to culinary college.  🙂 I have to save up to do it, though, because I don’t want to add any more to my school loans. To help augment my savings, I’ve joined Tupperware, because it is a green company whose products I use all the time – in storing bulk grains, in keeping farmer’s market produce fresh, and in packing lunches or meals for cross-country trips (when I’m not close to vegetarian-friendly stores and restaurants).

This blog is part of the plan. I’ve spent a lot of time putting together resources for myself, family, and friends, and I’m running out of space to keep food journals, bags of notes, cookbooks, and the like. I thought I would consolidate here – one place for resources like links to PCRM or charts for grain to water ratios, products like Tupperware®, good ideas like reducing your forkprint with To-Goware®, and recipes that help support a compassionate (read: vegetarian), local, whole, sustainable, green lifestyle. It will be my connection to the first love of my life, while I continue to teach for three more years!! Keep in mind that I’ll still be teaching, which takes an enormous amount of time and energy…I’ve alloted myself two or three weekends a month to play on the site.  🙂

Lastly, chile and chocolate is my absolute favorite flavor combination. 🙂


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